Practice Areas

practice areasLITIGATION

The firm comprises of shrewd advocates who have appeared in various courts in Lagos and its environs. They are well experienced in the intricacies of the relevant rules of practice of various courts, and they uphold the ethics prevalent in the practice of them. They are quite proficient in litigation, and are very thorough in the preparation of their processes.


This includes Arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, and mediation. We have keen and aspiring arbitrators who employ the best international practice in the pursuit of our clients’ best interest.


We advise on transaction in Petroleum, Telecommunication, and Financial industries.

We are also quite proficient in the preparation of various transactional and contractual documents, ranging from conveyance documents to service agreements.

We are also apt in the act of negotiating, debt recovery, and debt settlement.


We have a competent and well experienced IP and they attend to all our IP needs. We offer advice, opinions and solutions in the field of intellectual properties. We ensure that our clients’ interest is protected, and their liabilities reduced. This we do by being vigilant and acting as watchdogs on their marks for any infringement, and also updating them on their existing marks and patents.

We also help protect our clients’ marks and intellectual properties as a whole, as we are quite knowledgeable with the intricate practice with the relevant registries in Nigeria.

We are very active in our participation of Intellectual Property seminars and conferences, both locally and internationally.